Ring NdFeB Magnet

The Deko® Ring NdFeB Magnet made in China is a circular shaped & creates a magnetic field.  A ring magnet has a hole through the center.  The hole’s opening may be at 90⁰ flat with the surface of the magnet or countersunk to accept a screw head maintaining a flush surface. Ring NdFeB Magnet is used as Electric Motor Magnets, as a Ring Magnet levitation display, Bearing Magnets, in high-end speakers, for Magnetics Experiments & magnetic jewelry.
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  • The Deko® Radiation ring NdFeB magnet are produced in two method, one is normal radial orient pressed magnets, another is new technique- hot press radial magnets. In rotor of motor, here we mostly need a radiation ring that magnetized it into 4/8/10/12/18/20 poles, to get a big flux field. Sometimes we use a flat 4/8 poles magnetized ring, it’s economic choice, for those consumer market.

  • The Deko® Multipole ring Ndfeb magnet is used in widely applications, Deko magnetics from China offers a widely size, from micro ring to big ring magnets. Typical sizes are : D10xd5x2 mm, D300xd200x10 mm

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