Block NdFeB Magnet Factory

Block NdFeB Magnet is made of neodymium, iron, and boron magnetic alloy blend. Rare Earth block magnets (Neodymium) are among the most powerful permanent magnets available. Neo blocks are used in many different industries such as design, advertising, engineering, manufacturing, printing, film, science, construction, as well as for multiple commercial and industrial applications.
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  • Linear motor NdFeB magnet commonly use a long block magnets, like 80x25x10 mm, glue or screw fixed on a line, the grade are N42M,N45M,N48M,N42H,N45H,N48H etc. Typical size are :50x12.5x6, 75x18x8, 80x25x10,95x5x8,150x30x10 mm

  • Holding NdFeB magnet is used for boxes switch of package, the size is 20x10x2 mm typically. Typical size are : 10x5x2mm, 15x10x2mm, 20x10x2 mm, 30x10x2 mm

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