Company Features

Deko magnetics works on magnet production for 16 years, we know about the use and protection of NdFeB magnets, this can help you design the size of your products, select the right performance brand and accurate coating, control the material cost and processing cost, meet the design requirements of customers at a reasonable price.


We can give you advices with below items:



1. According to the customer's design requirements for magnets, such as Gauss value, magnetic flux, etc., select appropriate remanence, magnetic energy product, and determine the performance brand.


2. According to the temperature requirements of the use environment of the magnet, the coercivity shall be selected to meet the temperature requirements of the customer, so as to ensure the normal use and reasonable safety range of the product. Because of the manufacturing of high coercivity magnet, precious metals such as dysprosium and terbium must be used, and the high coercivity is increased the unnecessary cost.


3 for simple suction parts, a more accurate suction range can be given; in some cases, the design of iron shell and magnet can be used to greatly reduce the cost, such as d12x2 pure magnet, and d12x2 iron shell plus magnet, the suction can be kept at the same level, and the cost can be reduced 30%.




1.According to the use of customers, choose appropriate circles, squares or rings to reduce the processing amount and save the processing cost. In many cases, users don't know the size of products, such as the width and thickness, which is easy to cause design waste. We can use a reasonable ratio of length to diameter to control the size of the magnet


2.For ring products, we can combine the use of customers and the company's existing product specifications, design a reasonable inner hole size, make the best use of core materials, and reduce the cost of customers




According to a series of factors such as the use environment (temperature, humidity, acid and alkali, etc.), viscosity (3m glue, hot melt adhesive, etc.), assembly process (manual, injection molding, automatic operation or not), after comprehensive consideration, select the appropriate coating and control the cost.





1.In many cases, for products with large flat size but thin thickness, we can use multi pole magnetization to reduce the size and improve the performance of magnets.


2.For the products of large batch and automatic assembly, especially the products of small size, we design the arrangement of weak magnetic magnetization and strengthen the way of magnetic saturation magnetization, so as to ensure that the products you receive have no magnetization damage or powder sticking on the appearance, so as to reduce the shutdown of automatic line.




1.Deko Magnetics can provide special coatings, such as PTFE (waterproof,abrasion), everlube (super binding force, abrasion-resistant), epoxy (various colors, according to Pantone card), for the aesthetic design, especially for the products in the consumer goods industry, it can provide multiple color coatings to enhance the product differentiation competition.


2.According to your requirements, we can laser etch the products, do logo, pattern, production date, batch tracking and so on, or do inkjet processing.


3. The quality of all products is controlled in accordance with the quality system requirements of the specification, demagnetization curve, dimension Communist inspection, salt spray test, coating adhesion test, temperature resistance test, production batch management, to achieve quality control and traceability. We use a tracking number for each batch goods.


4.Deko attaches great importance to the packaging of products to ensure that when the products arrive at your factory, the internal products are flawless and easy to separate. You can easily carry out the next step.



Our goal is to produce stable and reliable magnets, ensure the safety of the supply chain, create value for customers and promote the reputation of Chinese magnets.