Special NdFeB Magnet

The Deko® Special NdFeB Magnet made in China with high quality will differ depending upon alignment direction during compaction and upon size and shape.
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  • The Deko® Electronics magnet is inspected by automatic machine for shape, tolerance, colors, burrs, broken edges, it controls the quality in high level.
    N52M grade black epoxy coating 200 hours SST test 38 dyne surface tension

  • In now days, The Deko® NdFeB magnet is used very common, and the applications are developing more and more, some clients always request a very stranger design or shape, Deko Magnetics has 16 years experience in magnet industry, we can make customized NdFeB magnet, and give reasonable advice on price control and coating choice

Special NdFeB Magnet factory in China, we are the one of leading manufacturers and suppliers. Customized and high quality Special NdFeB Magnet made in China is available. Welcome to buy from us!